Monday, 21 September 2009

how i long to stumble into you half blind and wide eyed all the same
and the pieces of me i loathe are the ones you admire most
you like me for me wit and cunning
and i am in love with a ghost
of the person i wish you were
and he still wishes i was her
or she was me or either or
and i am tearing up the carpet and clasping at the door
a man on the street told me of my redemption
and told me stories about a divine intervention
but the things that happened when he was a lad
i swear to his god they're just dreams he had
because when you can't explain a thing
and when all you want is everything
it's easy to tangle yourself up in knots
i'm waking up in basketball courts and parking lots
placing bets and drawing lots
on things that shouldn't be left to chance
and i'll give it all up for you if you'll give me this dance
because love baby is a game for two
making snuff movies and criticising who
ever dares to defy us in the roles we take as gods
and the stakes are best when they're high darling, against. all. odds.

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