Wednesday, 22 July 2009

just had a brain wave

i think that one of the problems with my generation (and the reason we're definitely more into hitting the bottle, snorting, popping and injecting than our parents were) is because we're in the middle of a society that is full of paradoxes and is hugely shifting.
what i'm saying is, the reason we're all so lost is because as our society is becoming very secular, the majority of us say we are none believers but we still have all these doubts and all these fears about what it would mean if we were wrong. and we are still tied to our parents and our grandparents beliefs about god and heaven and hell. and although we don't believe a part of us still fears the afterlife.
and it's unfair.
and i hope in the future they will recognise that the early 2000s were a very tricky time to grow up, and if we screw up anything later on, they'll understand a little better.

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