Friday, 31 July 2009


It's nothing like looking through cardboard tube and seeing the sun. It's a headache that never really stops, it's like someone perpetually pushing your eyelids. It's like a cracked rib or a broken heart. It's an everlasting ache and throb.
Holidays don't make it better, you're just packing up your sadness and taking it to another time zone. It's the friend that annoys you but you can't seem to sake off, everyone else likes him so he sticks around.
Sometimes it feels like my eyes have been pulled out with ice cream scoopers, and that my stomach has been torn out of my mouth by a hand that plunged, then grasped and scratched.
Imagine chasing something you'll never catch, a taste that never really lingers. Something instant and sweet, it only stays for a moment, but a moment long enough to leave an imprint. A battle is sometimes won but the war rages on.
Every man, woman and child is an island. Mine doesn't get many visitors.

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